This is me. We're originally from West Virginia. We moved to North Carolina for the jobs. We're huge WVU Mountaineer fans. I'm currently retired. To view some important information, don't forget to check out my VIDEO'S PAGE by clicking... here.

This is the better half. Ava is a Director in the internal reporting department for a major Fortune 500 company. We've been married for 40 years! I would have never bet that any woman could keep me married for 10 years, let alone 40! I'd do it all again though.

Our son, Jason, served with the U.S. Army at Camp Slayer, Baghdad, Iraq. He was going to be stationed in Baumholder, Germany, but they changed his orders at the last minute. Jason is a Network Switching Specialist (25 Foxtrot). We're very proud of him. Jason also has a Specialized Associate Degree in Computer Information Management. He plays the guitar and loves computer games.

These are our children. Clockwise from left is Joey (Wildwind Bonnie Prince Joseph), Robbie (Wildwind Highlander Rob Roy) and Violet. Violet was rescued from an abusive owner who kept her tied up on their back porch and starving. She was so emaciated when we got her. Her fur was matted and dull and she was so skinny, I could wrap my hand around her waist. She's a little butterball now. Her coat is full and shiny and she's made herself right at home. Robbie has gone to the rainbow bridge, but we have a new addition to our family.

Another one of my hobbies... brewing my own beer! I can't stress how much better this beer tastes than the beer that you buy in the store. It's so much better, you may never buy beer again! So far, I've brewed a pale California Ale, an English Brown Ale (like Newcastle), a Red Ale (like George Killian's), and a very dark Irish Stout (like Guiness). Next on the agenda is a hard cider. It's a refreshing Summer drink... great for after mowing the lawn.